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Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing can be considered the cheapest and most cost effective mode of advertising. Many companies use bulk SMS as a marketing tool to promote their products and services. They are very useful for both multination and small business owners who have to consider the budget factor before marketing their products.

Many of us own a mobile phone and we tend to spend endless hours on it, rather than a computer. Internet SMS marketing can also be considered the most convenient mode of marketing. In this type of marketing strategy, the user is able to text messages with a maximum length of 160 characters. However, it is always advisable to avoid ambiguity in your message and the message that you send to the crowd must contain precise and relevant information. Moreover, bulk SMS is quite similar to that of SMS marketing and you can send your message to the target audience quickly and easily to help promote your products and services.

Bulk SMS marketing can be considered much more effective and reliable than email marketing. The reason is because most email marketing messages end up unread or as junk mail. Bulk SMS marketing can be considered quite secure and you can send thousands of messages to the targeted audience within couple of seconds. SMS marketing does not require any sort of skill or technical training and can be used easily.

SMS Information services

Since virtually all cell phone users carry their phone all the time, a text message to their cell phones is the perfect way to alert people of any time-sensitive information, such as appointment changes.

Automotive service companies can alert customers to their cars being ready for pickup.

SMS messaging is an ideal way for school districts to send alerts to parents regarding school closings, changes in schedules.   Schools can also use SMS to send exam reminders, to alert parents of absences, announce special school events, and the like.

Pharmacies can use SMS to alert customers that their prescriptions are ready.

Organizations, particularly those with a large employee base, can use text messaging to disseminate corporate information; policy updates, new product announcements, upcoming staff meetings, and the like.
When last did you receive or sent out a text message?

This is a very simple way of sending customized/personalized sms (text messages) to many mobile numbers from your computer or mobile phone with a single click of a button. It could range from a standard sms (160 characters) to unlimited pages in one text message.


If you feel it’s not important, don’t forget that your competitors are using it and getting result!
If you deal with a lot of people and you have needs to pass any information across, then you need to use bulk sms. It’s very simple, affordable, effective, instant feedback, cost effective, easy to use. It will make you compete favorably with your competitors and win.


Do you delete your text messages without reading them first?
If your answer is no, then it’s a very effective approach of reaching out to people in today’s world where everyone is on the go.
With our delivery reporting system, you can always know the total number of people that receives any message (sms) you send. It’s more effective that hard copy flyers and posters because in the world today, we have more mobile phones than people. So you’ll always reach people wherever they are. Be it at home, office, on traffic, in the club, on bed, in the toilet, in a meeting etc.


You need to have internet access on your computer or mobile phone to send bulk sms?
1.      You need to have a bulk sms account with SENDER SMS. Opening an account is FREE and online! Just click on create an account to fill the simple form within 30 seconds. As soon as you do this, you will an email welcoming you on board an as soon as you click on the link on the email and verify your account  you can login and use the free sms that will be given to you as soon as you verify your account.

2.       Order for your units by paying monies into our accounts and after making payment text your username and teller no to 07033398645,08088165511, for more information call any of the the numbers above


Do you have any information to pass across to people? Then you need this service now more than EVER
 Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions, NGO’s, Campaign Organizations, Politicians, Churches, Mosques, Air Lines, Banks, Clubs, Hotels, Boutiques, Service Centers, Super Markets, confectionaries, Universities, Marketing Outfits, IT Companies, Business Start-ups etc


Product launch, special announcement, reminders, breaking news, resumption date, fee drive, felicitation, seek support, communicate your vision, new arrivals, promos, bonanza, quiz, brand activation, wedding invitation and lots more


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Website Owners and Designer

Bulk SMS Website
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